Daytona Marine Propulsion designs and builds innovative marine propulsion systems designed to make boating safer, more reliable and more enjoyable. Daytona Marine Propulsion delivers high quality marine propulsion systems with the best combination of safety, reliability, performance and fuel economy to commercial and recreational marine markets at competitive prices. A search for a means to improve reliability of marine propulsion systems by utilizing diesel engines in boats 18 to 40 feet lead to the development of the JetPacTM. The following are lists identifying the problems and the methods used to solve these problems.

The most preferred boat brands

There is one thing only that boat owners like to talk about more than sailing and that is their favorite boat brands. Wherever these sailing dilettantes get together you can hear them chat for hours about which model is more reliable or which one attracts the most admirers. They rarely hit a common ground, but most would agree with a selection of the most preferred boat brands worldwide like the following one.

As far as preferences go for yachts or cruisers, most boat enthusiasts would choose a Beneteau vessel. This large boat equipped with one or two engines is perfect for ocean cruising and entertaining your guests far from the shore for many days in a row. More adventurous sailors would probably chose a Carver Yacht or a Leopard Catamaran, which always prove to be irresistible eye-candy for anyone who is walking on the shore or on the nearby docs. However, they are much harder and expensive to maintain during the winter months when there are fewer trips made out at sea.

People who don’t want to splurge their hard-earned money on a yacht can settle for a smaller boat that has a similar purpose: the pontoon boat. These are great vessels on which you can take your whole family for a short trip along the coast line. Venturing too far out into the sea is highly unadvisable as they would not be able to resist larger waves or even an unpredicted storm. The most preferred brands for this type of boats are Landau, Pinecraft and Marker One. The great thing about them is that they make perfect learning vessels for younger sailors who are enjoying their first days on board. All you have to do is to drop the anchor in an area without too much traffic and let the youngsters try their hand at some easy maneuvers.

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