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Having a boat does not mean only relaxing trips out at sea where your family and friends can witness the spectacular coastline or the marine life. It also means that you are responsible for the maintenance of a vessel which can easily break down if it is not taken care of. Here are just a few tips that will make your whole boating experience an easy hobby to sustain.

Clean your boat on a regular basis. If you choose to venture with your boat out into the ocean you will discover two things: just how beautiful the nature is and just how much salt residue can your boat gather on its outer chassis. The problem is that this debris can lead to major damage to the boat if it is not cleaned. Therefore, as soon as you return to your dock, use fresh water to clean the vessel thoroughly.

Change your boat’s oil every 100 hours of sailing. This is a capital rule known by many sailors who always keep a well-documented account for every single journey they make. Not abiding to this method can lead to irreparable damage for your boat’s motor.

Take good care of your propeller. Some novice sailors fail to understand that one of the most important components of a boat’s traveling mechanism is the propeller. Very often they would find that the vessel breaks down leaving them stranded far from the shore. The first thing that their mechanic would tell them just as soon as they get back to the docks is to dismantle the entire mechanism and remove all the fishing line, the marine residue and even the plastic debris that the fins have hooked during many months of traveling. Unfortunately, the sea is filled with leftover dross that people throw out, and if you are not careful, a lot of it will get stuck in and around your boat’s propeller.

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